If your wife has been getting irritated often these days, or if she’s been looking tired and frustrated, then maybe you shouldn’t just brush it off thinking she’s in her periods or that it’s a “woman thing”. Chances are that your wife is probably just tired going through the day to day grind.
Being a wife isn’t easy (neither is being a husband!). But when you add being a mom and maybe even a working mom, she’s got to be under a lot of pressure. Most children come with a non-ending supply of energy, and running around them and getting them to do “their thing” can be more exhausting than you think.
If you feel that your wife deserves a holiday, but you don’t know how to get around that, then we’re here to help you out! Just convince her to take a day off, and then the two of you can decide which of our suggestions suit you’ll the best!
Take the kids out.Offer to take the kids out for the day. This works in two folds. One; she gets time off…time off to relax. It’s nearly impossible to relax properly with the kids around, so this could be the only way that she can relax.
Second; it gives you a little time to bond with your children. Often, with the busy and hectic life style that most of us have, men hardly get time to spend with their kids alone. This could be your chance. Take them out to the park, zoo, a movie or the sea. Take it as a time to really get to know your kids.
Mall / spa day.Encourage her to take a mall day. Most women love to shop and even find it relaxing; so this will be a treat. Actually, shopping without the kids (and you) nagging her will be a treat. If it’s an all-expense paid for trip, then we guarantee she’ll love it.
If she doesn’t enjoy it, then perhaps she will enjoy a trip to the spa or masseuse. This could be just what she needs if she’s physically exhausted as well. Better yet, if you can manage to get the kids to stay over at a friend’s place (or the grandparent’s house), then you could be her masseur; turning it into a romantic night.
Take over the food duty.Take over the food duty for the day. Do the whole deal; cooking, cleaning making sure the kids are fed. Even one day with you taking over this duty will automatically help her relax. If cooking isn’t really your fort; then perhaps you should consider ordering in. Pizzas and burgers are hard to mess up, and the cleanup mess isn’t much either. You could rent out a family movie and spend the evening lazing around.
Even better, hire a sitter for the night (or ask someone you trust to watch over the kids), and take her out for a meal, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be something fancy; even a burger restaurant or a pizza parlor will work.
Trust us when we say that even a burger restaurant will make her happy if she doesn’t have to worry about the kids.
A day out with the friends.Perhaps having a day without the family will fit the bill. Encourage her to visit her friends, or go out with them. If you are in good terms with her friends and have contact with them, call them over for a surprise visit. Even a few hours simply talking with friends and getting a little fresh air can do wonders. Whatever the two of you decide, make sure to have fun!