We all look forward to the end of the year because this is the time that the whole world gets together to celebrate many religious events and the dawn of a new year. It is also the time of year when most stores reduce the prices on their products and offices have their regular staff get together and merrymaking.

Indoor and outdoor fun

So it is not surprising then for your boss to ask you to organise a get together for the company staff to celebrate the birth of Christ on 25 December and the dawn of the New Year together. You decide that it would be good to plan ahead and start looking for christmas party venues Brisbane City for your office function. You get online and start searching for the most suitable event planner because this is the most convenient way to get the job done. You come across many event planners who have a variety of options on offer. While some event planners have offered their customers adventurous outings such as barbeques others have offered places in quiet serene areas and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

List of locations

So you ask your boss what he would prefer and he suggests a barbeque night out. You contact the even planners and ask what are the most suitable party venues they have for a barbeque night out. You also tell the event planners that your boss is an adventurous person and that he would like to celebrate the season with an adventurous event and also wants his staff to experience the adventure with him. The event planners are more than happy to help you out and tell you that they will mail you a list of the locations where you can have your barbeque night out.

Complimentary offer

You receive the list of locations from the event planners and send it to your boss for approval. Your boss picks the location of his choice and the reservations are finally made. The day has come for your office staff to set out on their adventure. Your group arrives at the location and your boss is thrilled when he sees the barbeque set up. The event planners also have a surprise for your company staff. They have organised a special seating area from where all of you can watch the sunset before getting ready to enjoy your barbeque night. Your boss is extremely impressed with the location and tells you that he would like to spend an additional day at the location. The friendly staff at the hotel also tells you that they have organised some refreshments prior to the barbeque as part of their complimentary offer to their customers.