Is your daughter turning sixteen this year! That’s great! She will probably want to celebrate this birthday in style, surrounded by all her friends and family. If you have undertaken the task of planning the party, then it is likely that you have a to-do list that is a mile long and you may be feeling overwhelmed. Have no fear! We have put together some suggestions that should help you get things organised…

Guest lists

First things first, you will need to sort out the guest list. Start with family – will you only be inviting cousins or will whole families be invited. Once you have made this decision, you can then move onto her friends. Ask her to make a list and then check on whether those numbers are possible. Remember that costs and on occasion venues will only allow for a certain number of people which will also factor into the creation of your guest list. Once the list has been finalised you can get the invitations ready and start sending them out.

Book a venue

Next on your list will be the venue. You should really finalise this as soon as possible so that you can send out invites. Also, the more popular a location, the more likely it is to get booked fast. So you should make your reservation early. If you are on a budget, many restaurants have function room hire in Sydney

Check on whether your favourite restaurant have function rooms for hire and make your reservation. Before reserving the space, check on costs and whether the birthday girl likes the location. You will also want to check on how many people the space can accommodate, whether a dance floor can be set up and for how long you can have the space. Also, make sure that loud music and noise will not be an issue, especially if the space is adjoining their regular restaurant space. You may also want to inquire about catering options – will they provide food or can you outsource the catering?

Get ready

Now for the fun to start. Book a DJ for the party. Ask around for good recommendations – a good party should see everyone have fun on the dance floor! You will also want to have some sort of party décor. Consider streamers and balloons in the birthday girl’s favourite colours. If she isn’t particular some great colour combinations are pink or blue and silver or red and silver. Sticking to a simple theme could make decorating super easy. Have some sparklers or party poppers on hand for when the cake is being cut and of course order a large cake in her favourite flavour!