Alcohol is the present tool of destruction along with drugs. Alcoholics think it is the only way of escaping harsh reality or enjoy life. Sadly, they are mistaken. They are just a form of slow poison which inhibits us from maximizing the use of our cognitive abilities. Alcohol cause induced alter state of consciousness where you are in a mid way between consciousness and unconsciousness. This has a serious effect on brain and other body functions. It is also said that using alcohol for a long period might end in several damages to brain which will lead to malfunctioning of brain and other vital organs like heart, liver, etc.

The clubbing nights
If you need to enjoy life without alcohol, start it with putting an end to the Saturday nights you go for clubbing or casinos. One easy way to help yourself is exert yourself too much in the day light, not to the level of exhaustion, but in the good way. This way you will not feel the need to go out in search of nightlights.

Swimming and Massages
During weekend, you can go for swimming for few hours. Swimming serves as a good form of exercise and also gives your body a nice toned look. Swimming would also help you feel relaxed and give a space to reflect on what is going. You can also try getting body massages which will help you feel relaxed and free your knots in body. There are several types of massages, you can choose the kind of massage which you feel comfortable with, check this Hong Kong steak house.

Dancing to the beat
Dancing is like a primary form of exerting yourself. There are several forms of dance which will help you exert yourself and express yourself. It would relax your whole self. You can do hard beating dances like higher forms of salsa, a fusion, western dances, street dances and you can also try Danes like ballet, slow dancing which are more concerned with the exertion of control.

Food on weekends
We will forget ourselves when we are doing something interesting but when you are doing these kind of activities which needs more energy you should always make sure to be hydrated and healthy. If you skip breakfasts and think that you would not have time to make lunch, you should make a visit to one of the Saturday brunch restaurants.
These restaurants offer a free flow brunch which will make you help compensate the uneaten breakfast.

Make a group
It is hard to follow resolutions if they are taken alone. You should try doing it as a group. There are groups of dancers, rock climbers, cliff jumpers; etc. There are several other outdoor activities that will make you feel exerted and tired but at the same time good for body. For example; rock climbing or BASE Jumping are funny, adrenaline rushing hobbies which required a lot of body fitness and other several other qualifications. Thus, with these new hobbies, you will be ready to jump into your bed as soon as you can which will avoid you from going out at nights for clubbing. You can also try physical fitness which is the new craze among both the genders.