Balanced diet is a diet composed of all the nutrients that are required for the proper functioning of the body. It consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. But nowadays scientists say that even water is included into the list as it plays an important role in the human body. But sometimes we tend to over eat or under eat and that when our body loses its balance and it leads to various problems such as anorexia and obesity.

So one must always keep a balance when consuming food and be very careful of the contents in it. Most people around the world have three main meals per day excluding teatime while some other just has two meals. Scientists now have found out that it is better to have large meals with longer intervals than having small meals continuously on short intervals. It has also been told that people must try to maintain an eating schedule as it is healthier and the body tend to get used to the pattern and thus will adjust accordingly. Another very important thing is to munch the food properly as this helps make digestion much easier. Click this link if you are looking for best restaurant in Hong Kong.

Breakfast like a king

Breakfast is considered one of the most crucial meals. There are so many benefits in having early breakfast. Having a heavy breakfast helps boost ones concentration and keeps one focused during the day. One doesn’t have to have a breakfast composed of fast food that is heavy and fatty. One must have a healthy diet which is filling and this will also help boost ones metabolism. Plus it helps makeones mood better, as the saying goes ‘’a hungry man is an angry man’’, so one must always try to have breakfast amidst ones busy schedule.

Lunch like a prince

Funny as it sounds; scientifically one has to be choosy when it comes to lunch. One must try to cover up on all the nutrients that were left out during breakfast. It is found that many people who work tend to skip this meal due to some inconvenience. But there are so many alternatives so this and one such alternative is that one could prepare ones lunch in the morning and take it to work. Another alternative would be to dine in a restaurant and have a best fish and meat lunch or dine at a healthy lunch buffet central.

Dinner like a pauper

It is always recommended to have a light dinner as it is easier to digest and one could have a sound sleep. Having a heavy meal would cause so many complications. Thus one must try to stick to the following food patterns if one wants to lead a healthy life.