So you find yourself in Japan, be it for a short holiday or a travel experience or even an official visit, you must never leave Japan without experiencing and enjoying the night life it provides. The atmosphere is simply one of the best in the world, yes despite Tokyo being a busy and bustling location, it is never short of providing you with many unique occasions to have a lot of fun. So much so that you would find yourself not knowing where to even begin!

Visiting the Bars and Clubs of Tokyo
Finding a bar or club in Tokyo shouldn’t at all be easy. They are literally everywhere! Some even stacked up on one another like building blocks. And if it is mingling that you want, you can be sure to obtain it here. They say that one of the best ways to understand a culture of a country is by the drinks they have and share. Why not go for a couple of Japanese whiskey or something new for a change? 

Japanese whiskey is similar to Scotch Whiskey and is one of the famous drinks that the locals take.
Precautionary measures must be taken when entering clubs and bars as there are places that are considered shady while the others don’t usually accept foreigners. Be sure to keep all your belongings safe and as a general rule of thumb, not trust everyone you meet. In addition to clubs and bars, locals have a great love for karaoke and is often a delightful place to be in with music from all genres being sung, make sure your voice is well trained before you decide to sing as they may take it seriously, check this Hong Kong cocktails.

Visiting the Observation Decks
Tokyo has an amazing infrastructure with so many high rise buildings and lights to witness, as dusk falls Tokyo showcases its true colors. There are many observation decks available until late night where you can indulge in the beautiful landscape. You can often find many restaurants in high rise buildings that provide their own observation desks to provide you with a unique dining experience.

Going for a Night Walk
Going for a slow stroll along many temple precincts can allow you to witness the beautiful lantern lights and a simple evening stroll down the streets alone can help you do your much needed sightseeing during your stay.

Trying out the Theme Parks
Besides going through the common convention of visiting bars and malls during the night, why not try going out for some of the Theme Parks in Tokyo. There are many that don’t close until late, for example the Tokyo Dome City and Disneyland.