When you are on a budget, you usually skip going on vacation, but you don’t have to! You need vacations especially when you have kids. Going on family outings is one of the most important aspects of bonding as a family. You do not have to compromise on this just because you are on a budget. There are plenty of affordable but equally fun alternatives to expensive trips abroad. Here are some such ideas that you can try:
1. Fast Food Trip You may no longer have the money to eat out at a fancy place, but you can still enjoy a trip to a beloved local hamburger restaurant. Instead of going to the McDonald’s nearby, try looking for local specialty eateries to find the best burger restaurants. They tend to sell food that is healthier and tastier without sky-high price tags. If going to one place is too boring, reserve several hours in the evening to try different snacks at different places.
2. Visit to the Night ZooYou may have already tried going to the zoo during daytime one too many times. You can make the experience of going to the zoo unique by visiting at night. Several zoos have special night tours to show nocturnal animals to visitors. Little kids will love it, and it is one-of-a-kind event that might even attract a teenager, check this great craft beers. 
3. Family Picnic Instead of brooding over white-sand beach retreats you won’t be going on for some time to come, keep things happy by enjoying a family picnic at the local park, a playground or even your very own backyard. Family picnics are not hard to arrange and won’t cost you much. You can make meals athome, or if you don’t have time, pick up cheap snacks on the go from a hamburger restaurant. Take Frisbees, board games, footballs or toys with you to enjoy while on the picnic. 
4. Museum TourOn a weekend, spend only a handful of dollars and enjoy a great time as a family with a tour to the local museum. Chances are that you have never visited the local museum. So, it will be a wondrous adventure for the entire family. There will be educational material to entertain small kids definitely. You can also drop by at one of the best burger restaurants in town on your way back.
5. Attend a Culture Festival If you want to experience something you have never before without buying a plane ticket, take your family to see a cultural festival held locally. Immigrant communities in your area will celebrate special cultural events originating from faraway places right in your hometown or city. Don’t be sad because you are on a budget, and try out one of the above.