Even though most people claim to be foodies, only a very few actually have a genuine passion for food. While typical people have their own bucket lists to fulfill, foodies generally have bucket lists that feature a lot of food related adventures. If you are someone who believes yourself to be a foodie, here are a few things that you should try out.

A super expensive restaurant experience that leaves you broke

Every foodie deserves to have an amazing fine dining experience at least once in their life. Even though you are not the type who really enjoys the sophisticate way of dining, this experience will give you a very unique insight into how certain food are made.

For instance, things like sushi are made completely different in an authentic Asian restaurant and a five start restaurant. The differences, may add a completely new flavor to the dishes. As a foodie, you should know the kind of expectations you should have when visiting specific places. See this post to find out the best restaurant.

Street food that scare you

Just like a super expensive fine dining experience, trying out some street food that care you is another extreme every foodie should go to. As long as you know that what you eat won’t result in you getting ill, it is worth trying. The perfect street food to try would be something that you can’t even pronounce, made of ingredients that you are not familiar with and served in a way that is completely foreign to you.

Sweetness that leaves you high

A majority of foodies generally have a very sweet tooth. They would never deny an opportunity to eat some great cake or pie.However, eating one piece of cake will never give you the experience of being high due to sweetness. The ideal scenario to make this happen, will be to visit a dessert shop and spend a good few hours in it and try out as many new things as possible. You may also want to take a few minutes to relax and drink a glass of water before you decide to get up and walk away.

Seafood that you prepare yourself

Another factor that is common among most foodies is their passion to cook. And among all the great types of food that you can prepare yourself, seafood is bound to be one of the most interesting ones to experiment with. Go ahead and have a fun day that allows you to make a dish that you’ve never made before. You never know, this may actually lead to creating an awesome chef.