Have you ever thought of serving hot cross buns for breakfast for your early morning breakfast? Or have delicious hot rolls smothered with butter or chocolate for tea? These might not sound like items from a menu for a wedding, but it could always be. If you were to think out of the box, here are some unique menu ideas that could make your special day unforgettable for your guests.

Brunch or tea delights

Not every wedding needs to have an elaborate layout when it comes to food or the event itinerary as a whole. If you wish to make a simple and hassle free affair, why doesn’t make it simply a morning event ending with brunch and a whole day to look forward to with intimate friends and loved ones? Or it could be an afternoon event with a delightful tea spread that could end with drinks in the evening. Whether you wish to make it simple or elaborate, these are unusual choice of meals that will surely make it intriguing for your wedding guests. All you need to do is find the right wedding buffet catering who can provide you novel ideas accordingly.

Budget and unique menu options

If you are planning a simple wedding event, it would be wise to look at expert in finger food caterers. If you plan your wedding event for different timings of the day and wish to include a high tea or a brunch menu to end the event, you can look at snack like options that would make the menu interesting and keep it simple in terms of costs. Even simple buns with butter or other spreads or platters of cold meat servings along with breads of different sorts can be part of such a menu layout.

If you are delighted to think along such lines, you can find caterers who are versatile enough to help you out explore options. Finger foods can be elevated from their humble status and find their pride of place on your wedding menu. The same can work for other special events and gatherings like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. When you wish to keep the layout simple and unique, you can seek out catering services that can provide you options to plan the menu accordingly. Many such services have convenient options online. You could check out ready packages that can be booked through online requests. You could even place customized menu requests through such portals. That in turn will make your menu decision process a much faster one.